Monday, October 29, 2007

Again, Where's the Repentance?

The link below will take you to a news story updating us all on the Genarlow Wilson case. To recap, this now 21 year old man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a sexual indiscretion with an underage girl, albeit consensual. The Georgia Supreme Court ordered Wilson released, calling his sentence cruel and unusual punishment, and too harsh for the offense.

Now we could probably agree on the sentence being too severe for the offense, but what has continued to strike me about this case is that there seems to be no acknowledgement that what Wilson and this girl did was wrong -- at least from what we read in the media. In the story linked below, it speaks of Wilson addressing the congregation at a Baptist church. Nowhere in the story do you read anything about Wilson saying that he did something he ought not to have done. No mention by anyone that a sin had been committed. It is certainly possible that this was said from the platform, but it certainly hasn't been said in any news story I have read about this matter. The flap over the unduly harsh sentence has taken over entirely from the matter that unmarried young people ought not to be engaging in sex, and most CERTAINLY not videotaping the act.

One does not excuse bad behavior or an unfair judgment by pointing to other bad behavior. It would have been wonderful if it had been said clearly, "Yes, my sentence was unjust, but what I did was wrong, and I repent."

The culture's inherent narcissism seems to have won out again.

Associated Press-Wilson


crownring said...

After spending two years in prison, the young man probably feels confession/public repentance is redundant, Sola. And considering that the media is focusing on what they consider an unfair sentence and cuts their news clips any way they want, he may have said something about repentance and we'd never know.

BTW, why is it that Fox News was the only news channel that paid the sightest attention to a Medal of Honor ceremony commemorating the bravery and ultimate sacrifice of one of our soldiers in Afghanistan? The media is now going beyond yellow journalism to avoiding even mention of acts of heroism by our men and women in uniform. How long is America willing to put up with being treated like cattle and dragged around by the rings in our noses and denied the truth?

Randy said...

People can try to camouflage sin as much as they want to. However, Sola, you, me, and thousands of others will attest to the fact that sin can only go hidden for so long. It has to be rooted out.

Also, to 'whitewash' the sin and just call it an error, mistake, or a bad choice won't cut it. Sin, has to be admitted, repented of, and forsaken to be effective.

Your mention of narcissism is right on target. It seems people want to sin and get by with it. This sounds vitriolic (But it comes from the Word), but eventually sin will be accounted for, if not in this life, the one to come.

Great post as always!


WAM said...

Sola- I endured a repentence moment a week ago- and discovered that They're many people out there whose hearts are hardened-forgiveness isn't in their vocabulary any more than "Thank You".

All I could do- was what I did- and that was repent and apologize in person. Its one of the hardest things I have done. I cannot worry about what they did-I just feel sorry for them.

Johannes Wolfgang