Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Snake

You know, that snake photo could come in real handy....

After reading the news reports about the guilty plea from Michael Devlin (the Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby kidnapping/abuse cases), I am struck with both revulsion and wonder. The revulsion is obvious. What Devlin did to these kids is unspeakable. I feel badly that Missouri can't fire up the old gas chamber at Jefferson City. They are considering a new law instituting the death penalty for such egregious cases, but it will come too late in this case. Under Missouri law, the method used in execution is either lethal gas or lethal injection, and it appears to be up to the discretion of the director of the state's Department of Corrections. But Devlin will spend the rest of his life in prison, and whether he'll continue breathing there is a good question. I pray that he genuinely repents while he still has the chance.

Second, I wonder at Michael Devlin's neighbors in his apartment complex. Surely the sound of a child being tortured would have been heard, and questions would have been asked. Or did people just not want to get involved? Very troubling.


Palm boy said...

Even if the neighbors asked, he probably just told them it was the TV or something.

I'm thinking public Hanging, but that won't happen.

crownring said...

If you ask me, castration is an appropriate punishment for such crimes when the death penalty is not imposed. It's certainly not cruel and unusual punishment when you consider what he did to those boys.

BTW, Sola, it's curious how often your and Bill's blogs tend to echo each other. Should you have time, check out what he has to say about capital punishment and justice today.


SolaMeanie said...

Bill Muhlenberg's a good guy from what I can see. I don't know him personally, but Joe Whitchurch recommended him to me. I don't get to read him too often, but I generally like what I see.