Thursday, October 04, 2007

Assorted Snakes in the Grass . . .Er, River

When looking through the photos from my August trip south, I came upon this little photo of a deadly water moccasin (or cottonmouth, as they call them in Arkansas). It's just lying on the rock, peacefully basking there above the cool, clear water. Until it gets in a feisty mood and decides to sink its venom-laden fangs into something (or someone).

We seem to have lots of snakes in the stream of late. Just reading USA Today started me off. There's an article in there featuring teenagers bemoaning their parents discovering and (God forbid) actually "breaking their rules" and daring to post on their children's websites. They're not comfortable really with the parents knowing what's going on either. The whole tone of this article really irritated me. Excuse me, but while the child is a minor, there is no such thing as a child setting rules for the parent to obey. There is no "right to privacy." Anything that goes on under the parents' roof is the parents' business. Said child is using the computer and establishing their Facebook or MySpace on the good graces, not to mention the pocketbooks, of their parents. This whole mindset where children run the household is just the sort of Dr. Spock on steroids drivel that has the family on life support in America. Let me state this clearly. For any child of mine, I reserve the right to intervene in anything, up to and including whether or not he or she has a computer at all. Parents, take your biblical authority back in the home. Believe it or not, your child might grouse a bit now, but they'll thank you for it later. And tell the ACLU to go pound sand and to keep their nose out of your family.

Next, we have an unbelievable situation going on with Rush Limbaugh and the Democrats in Congress. The perpetually ridiculous Harry Reid and his motley crew of blowhards is trying to make the case that Rush is dissing the troops. This is beyond laughable, and I am sure that the troops in general are laughing plenty at this outright lie on the part of the left. They know better. Rush would never say such a thing, and he has the audio transcripts to prove it. All I can fathom is that the left is once again playing out of Dr. Goebbels' handbook. Tell the lie often enough and loudly enough, and maybe people will believe it. They could care less about the troops, but they care very much about alternative media holding them accountable and exposing their wild-eyed stupidity to the nation. So they'll try to silence Rush or any other media that stands in their way. Thankfully, they chose to mess with the wrong guy, and it's backfiring.

I'll have to stop for now, but I'll carry on more later with this "snakes" theme. Believe me, there's LOTS to talk about.

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