Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Border Injustice

I am glad to see the cases of U.S. Border Agents Ramos and Compean are getting renewed attention. This particular matter is one of a growing list of things I have against the Bush Administration in terms of its foreign and domestic policy. And I say that as a lifelong, very conservative Republican.

These two agents were convicted for opening fire on illegal alien drug smugglers at the southern border with Mexico, and were promptly charged, convicted and sent to prison. Their lives are in danger in prison for obvious reasons. This case should never have been brought against them, and President Bush should have pardoned them by now. Why is that?

Some have made the case that it's because Bush has Hispanics in his family. Perhaps that plays into it, and perhaps that's a cheap shot. I am personally more of the mind that it has more to do with the North American Union idea, and that Bush places a higher premium on globalism than he does on the sovereignty of our country. And these two agents are paying the price for New World Order politics and economics.

Things won't change until people get mad enough. It seems like the pot has a long way to boil yet.

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WAM said...

From the get go, I was shocked at the fact that the two agents were jailed, condemned and sent to prison. Why? They did their job. Lets face it- it won't be long and the USA will merge with South America-Mexico specifically, and become an American Union. Where I live they are already teaching Spanish alongside English in the Public School system from Preschool on up- and I don't mean as an elective- I mean as a general course- like English was for most students years ago. Where I live now- is more Spanish than Mexico City. :) Its my expectation that this Union will indeed become reality-and soon.

I am a naturalized Citizan. Legal. I find it offensive that there is even consideration for a pardon for those whom entered this country illegally. There are many things that irritate me about this whole situation. But that is neither here nor there.

Those officers were doing their jobs. They shouldn't be punished because of some political agenda- what did they do wrong?
I pray that they do get released and can return to their famillies.

Now- what do you think of that virtual Wall that is being built along the border? Better yet- did you know the Boeing was the contractor on it?

What next..?
Pax Christie
Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgang Amadeus