Monday, October 22, 2007

Comments on the Candidates

I will have more to say about the candidates -- both Republican and Democrat -- as time goes on. However, time is pressing this week so I'll just make a quick commentary sparked by last night's "debate" between the GOP candidates for president.

First off, calling these events a "debate" is a bit of a joke. They aren't debates. They're glorified news conferences at best, and dog and pony shows at worst. There isn't time in 60 seconds to debate or flesh out any issue with substance, so those of us who vote can really make a decision as to who the best candidate will be. There might be flashes of substance here and there, but can one really evaluate a candidate's positions on controversial issues by quick promises and soundbites? I say no. I would love to see a genuine "Lincoln-Douglas" type debate under formal debate rules. I could care less whether or not it sells television commercials. Those who can't pay attention can just go watch a pro wrestling match for all I care. I want to know -- IN DETAIL -- what these guys propose to do about the problems our country faces.

Having said that, I think Mike Huckabee's performance last night was solid given the constraints. He clearly stated his positions on social issues of concern to Christians, and they match up with mine. More than that, despite the short time alloted him by the questioners, he even pitched some quick, innovative ideas on health care and the Social Security question. I'd love to see those ideas fleshed out substantively. And that brings me to another comment.

Have you ever gotten the idea that the media are trying to pick the Republican nominee? They appear to me to have chosen Rudy Giuliani. Have you also ever gotten the idea that some of the GOP candidates are in the field simply to siphon off support from enough true conservatives that the "real" desired person will gain the nod during the primaries? It is well known how fractured the conservative movement is at the moment. Divided between eight candidates, we can't pick one and stick with him.

Here's another thing to consider. Ever think about the real fact that many conservative Christians will not vote or go third party before they'll vote for a pro-abortion, pro-gay rights candidate? Think that little fact isn't known by the hierarchy? And that little fact might well put Hillary in the White House? Some Republicans would be just fine and dandy with that one.

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WAM said...

I didn't get to see the debates. In fact, I am rather ashamed of that fact- for I usually keep on top of these kind of things.

I hold my franchise very dearly- for what its worth. I earned the right to vote-mind you, I said earned. It wasn't something just given to me.

To many people do not take the fact that they can vote seriously- and therefore, will either not vote, or go to the polls misinformed.

That is the crux of the problem. They vote for the flashiest name- the most recognized name- and are content with that.

How the Tellie and the Radio play in this is by the constant bombardement of Ads and Name usage.

Seldom do people actually sit and listen to what these people have to say, unless there is something in it for them.

Ach well..
People don't realize how wonderful it is here. How great that they can vote for whomever they choose- and also have a say on how they feel about it.

I recall casting my first meant alot to me.

Now- we have many canidates all pursuing the honor to be President-all of them equally experienced and capable. It will be interesting to see who wins.

I don't think that Mr. Giuliani truly stands a chance at the nomination. It will go to someone who like Mr. Huckabee or Mr. Romney are religeous in charachter. I know a little bit more about Mr. Romney, but cannot say as to whether I will vote for him. I have voted and even worked for the Republican Cause over the years- but this last election, I got away from it. Now I live in a very Republican State, a "RED" state as they call it, with, a lot of Religeous families here. Frankly, I don't know where I stand in comparision -politically speaking- to my peers. What used to be a Republican- isn't a republican in the truest sense. I don't belive its the party that Mr. Lincoln was part of.

Anyway- I digress. The Christian Lobby is a strong Lobby- and right now, in the Country we need to reestablish morality, both in our communitites as well as our government. Things really are out of control now- all the way up to the highest office. Our citizans need to have a Leader that is respectful, reverent, educated, and also one that has a rock solid famillie life that reflects the American standards of values.

As I will relate it to the English Monarchy- the royal family has always been the model family for those whom live in England and the UK. Of course today, with all the problems that it has endured, it too needs to pull itself up by its boot straps and redeem itslef.

Pax Christie