Friday, October 05, 2007

More on the Limbaugh Situation

I promised an addition to yesterday's post, and here it is. I think I'll probably have some more to add before the weekend is out. Not so much on the Limbaugh situation, but about the many snakes waiting to envenom our body politic.

By now, most of you have probably heard the contretemps over Rush Limbaugh and his alleged "anti-troop" remarks. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid began the flap, demanding that Rush apologize immediately. More than that, he and a whole list of Dems have signed a letter to Clear Channel calling for Rush's head, and are asking the rank and file to pressure Limbaugh and his advertisers.

There are several problems with this business, but let me just mention one. It's pretty important. Rush didn't say what they're accusing him of saying. Let me be blunt. Harry Reid and his acolytes are bold-faced liars in the mode of Josef Goebbels. They think if they froth at the mouth and scream the lie loudly enough, people will believe it.

Unfortunately for them, there is a problem of playing slimy games like that in this day of the Internet, 24-hour media and instant communication. Their allegations are very easily exposed for the falsehoods they are, and they are the ones who end up looking cheap, foolish and demagogic. They've miscalculated on another thing. Rush -- not to mention those who are of the same mindset -- don't take attacks like this lying down. They punch back, and punch back hard.

I think the most disturbing thing about this whole affair is what it portends for the future. More than anything else, this reveals the almost demonic determination of the left to ruin and silence anyone who stands in the way of their quest for absolute power. That's what the drive to re-establish the misnamed "Fairness Doctrine" is all about. They can't win people over to their ideas or host a show that will attract any listeners, so they will use the long arm of government to force people to listen to their spittle.

I hope they keep this up and get even more ridiculous. They always overreach in the long run, and end up getting slapped off their chairs.

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