Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now, The Language Comment

How many times of late have any of you been out in public -- it could be a restaurant, gas station, anywhere -- and your ears are accosted by someone bleeping out foul language? Hopefully it doesn't happen in church, although I have seen that happen more and more of late, and sometimes from the platform. God forbid. But I digress.

It seems that America's language is growing more and more foul by the year, and at younger and younger ages. You can't even watch the news or prime time television any longer without a bunch of bleeps. Sometimes they don't even bleep.

I was amused today at a story on the newswires about a woman who was recently charged with using foul language and disorderly conduct. Apparently the toilet in her house overflowed, and she was screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs loudly enough to be heard by her neighbors. She got turned in after she was asked to tone it down and responded to the request with more curses (according to the story). Some have been outraged at the fact that she was in her own home, but she was legitimately charged because her volume AND language disturbed the peace of her neighbors. But here's what is really interesting.

In this particular locale, it is against the law to use obscenities and profanity in public. You can be cited for it. I am not sure how many other places have statutes like this in place, but I think that maybe it's time they were enforced. Don't whine at me about free speech either. You don't have the right to be obscene and vulgar in public. I wish they'd add another provision besides a fine. Perhaps some mouths should be washed out with soap . . . by force.

Can't you tell my tolerance level and patience with our increasingly ugly society is wearing thin? That in and of itself worries me a bit. What does the Lord say about the last days? "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold." That's Matthew 24:12. I really don't want that attitude hardening in me. But I can see how it can happen in otherwise tolerant people.

I think this society had best wake up to a sober fact. Even aside from the judgment of God, the loss of freedom often results from the abuse of freedom. Right now, we have a whole lot of freedom abusers, and it's getting worse. If society refuses to govern itself, someone will -- in time -- step in with an iron hand and govern it whether it likes it or not. May the Lord have mercy on us if that ever happens.


Randy said...
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Randy said...

You nailed that post. I'm noticing as well the perverse language is rampant. Maybe that's why I don't even care to watch too much TV anymore (very little at all actually) and to be in public.
It's bad enough that people are rude and lack manners but to throw acerbic talk into the mix is too much. Again, great post.

crownring said...

I was flipping through the tv channels the other night and landed on TNT's "Saving Grace" just in time to hear the "S" word being used by two female (including the lead) characters. needless to say, I was taken aback and decided not to stay with the story.

The "S" word and the "F" word have been used so often, they no longer retain their original vulgar meaning. Now they are used simply for the sake of being vulgar, that is, if people even think before opening their mouths anymore.

Amazing Gracie said...

I came over from Randy's blog: I detest the coarsening of our culture. The case in point though, the poor woman was in her own home! What we do in our homes should be sancrosanct unless we are harming ourselves or someone else! We need to keep the gov't out of our homes.
I have friends that won't go to an R rated movie because of the "F" word but they don't even cringe when someone says "Oh my God!" Excuse me, but one is a foul, vulgar word but the other is blasphemy! Even children say it...
"Saving Grace" is a horrible program; not because of the use of the "S" word but because of the use of a character who portrays an "Angel" totally out of line of holy scripture.
We have gotten so far out of line, I agree with you, that our nation needs to look deep within ourselves. I fear for my grandchildren.
Thanks for your posts!
~~~Blessings~~~ and Coram Deo!

WAM said...

Pffffffui... I agree with you totally. Language is out of control. The culture- the schools, do not teach proper English, and therefore, the students do not learn to speak it correctly. What they do learn however, is that vulgarity and vile language are acceptable in society. One must also add the immodest dress, as displayed by both the young men and women today.

It says in the Bible- in the Torah-that we need to be governed by a King. Perhaps that is true- maybe we cannot govern ourselves as our founding fathers dreamed.

Great article Sola,and cool blog.

Deo Gratias-
J.C. Wolfgang Amadeus

SolaMeanie said...


Believe me, I am sensitive to the part about being in her own home. However, her shrieking the obscenities wasn't just heard behind her four walls. The neighbors could hear it in spades (and probably their children). That is disturbing the peace under most statutes, especially after she was asked to tone it down.

Cindy Swanson said...

Couldn't agree more. I even occasionally find myself slipping into language that, while not profane, is nevertheless lazy and a bit inappropriate. I'm trying to put a stop to that, and make sure my language is always--for want of a better word--lady-like! :)