Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yet MORE Snakes in the Grass

For years now, I have believed that very little good can come out of love-fests between "progressives" and conservatives, whether it is in politics or theology. Especially theology. If you look at the results of such conclaves to find "common ground," what usually happens is that the conservatives end up being taken for a ride. Conservative principles end up being watered down, and eventually the liberals get their way.

Read the story linked below, where you'll find that a number of people who identify themselves as "evangelicals" have gotten together with a host of "progressives" (read that "liberals") to find "common ground." Supposedly, the argument between the two sides "isn't working." Note especially who the "evangelicals" are at the end of the article. Not surprisingly, you'll find both Tony Campolo and Brian McLaren, who never seem to find a heresy they don't like. These two jokers stopped being evangelical a long time ago. But yet they are given this platform as representatives of the evangelical persuasion. They don't represent me. Not by a long shot.

If the kind of common ground they are talking about includes genuine works of charity that include the proclamation of the biblical Gospel, fine. However, if their "common ground" means biblical truth must be watered down, they can forget it. Don't waste my time. I don't want to compromise with liberal theologians. I want them to repent. There can be no compromise with error. Ever.

Perhaps it's time for the liberals to give ground for a change and come OUR direction.

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Anonymous said...

Good points. The only "common ground" is at the foot of the cross.

SolaMeanie said...

Yes. And I would feel much more encouraged if I could see that these guys even understood what the foot of the cross meant.