Friday, November 02, 2007

Another View of Mike Huckabee

A few weeks ago, I came out strongly in favor of Mike Huckabee in the GOP presidential race. Below, I am linking an opinion piece written by Don Feder who takes strong exception to Huckabee. Feder isn't known for just slamming people willy-nilly, and his comments have caused me to rethink my endorsement.

Keep in mind, compared to the frontrunners, Mike Huckabee wins hands down on the social issues. However, there is indeed more to being a conservative than just the social issues alone. Illegal immigration is a serious issue for the security factor alone if not other considerations, and Huckabee has been soft on that issue. I look forward to hearing him clarify his positions in the days ahead.

Don Feder Column


crownring said...

There is an old M*A*S*H episode that frequently comes to mind whenever I think of the slew of candidates on both major party tickets. In this episode, Hawkeye and his buds stage a protest over the river of liver and ocean of fish that has been the only daily offering for weeks while ICORE feasts on steak and other wartime delicacies. Hawkeye manages to get the entire chow tent up in arms and chanting "We want something else! We want something else! We want something else!"

So what do I have to say about the current crop of presidential hopefuls?

"We want something else! We want something else! We want something else!

Have a good weekend, Sola. :)

Hodgy said...


Check out Novak's new column on Huckabee as well.

And have you read the two columns by Chuck Baldwin on him as well?

Keep up the research. He's dangerous.