Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Huckabee Campaign Response

In response to my concern over Mike Huckabee appearing with Texas televangelist Kenneth Copeland, the governor's campaign office sent me the following note. In fairness to them, I want to post it here.

Hey Joel,

Thank you for your interest in Gov. Huckabee's campaign for president! With respect to your question on the Copeland affiliation, thank you for your concern, and your point is well taken.

The Governor is not a prosperity gospel advocate, nor would he condone any financial negligence or fraud on the part of anyone, especially preachers (but as far as I know, Copeland has not been proven guilty of anything at this time). However, I believe that promoting one's message is often important enough to warrant public appearances with people who we may or may not agree with on everything. For example, a number of years ago, the Governor traveled with Bill Clinton to promote measures to fight child obesity throughout the South. The two certainly do not agree on much at all, but that message was more important than playing politics.

Again, the Governor appreciates your interest in his campaign. He also needs your support! Please continue to check the website, and I urge you to take advantage of opportunities to contribute in various ways, whether through monetary donations, volunteering in your area, or just spreading the word to vote Huckabee for President!

Best regards,

Jared Morris
Huckabee for President, Inc.

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Palm boy said...

Its an interesting defense when you compare Copeland to Clinton. :D