Monday, November 05, 2007

Pat Boone on Censorship

I haven't had much time to post for the past few days, so I am letting others do my work for me today. Here's yet another thought-provoking column on the benefits of censorship, written by entertainer Pat Boone. Food for thought:

Pat Boone WorldNetDaily Column


WAM said...

Thanks for the link- I enjoyed reading Mr. Boones article. He is a very talented man, and so are his daughters too.

I have found much of what is being peddled as Fine Art and Music, not to mention Film Making and Distribution to be disgusting in the last twenty years. For the most part, I like old movies and such- but the new stuff- is repulsive.

I think back on Madonnas last concert tour- where she crucified herself on stage- and it makes me wretch. Its disgusting, yet, she made the most money as a female artist on tour than Streisand- which frankly is unbelievable.

This culture, at times, stinks like rotton fish on a dock. I am not sure what it will take to clean up the mess- but I pray that eventually someone wakes up from this "R" rated mess, and cleans it up.

Johannes Wolfgang

Gilbert said...

Sorry, Pat Boone is way off here. Banning child porn is a good thing...but unless it is accompanied by a complete understanding of how vile it is, *and by what standard it is*, then these laws will be a wash.

As it stands, we are already past that point. The culture doesn't just stink sometimes; it pretty much does all the time, like a rotting dead fish in a freezer whose life has also expired.

SolaMeanie said...

One is reminded of what John Adams said about our system of government only working for a moral and religious people. Once you've thrown biblical morality under the bus, the fish rots indeed, from the head down.

Josephine Mattia said...

I just read the article, and he's right.