Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quote of the Day: Michael Horton

Check out this article in World Magazine. In it, Michael Horton had this to say about the seeker-sensitive church issue . . .

People are not consumers who need to be satisfied. They're sinners who need to be justified. Preaching is not technology. It is a means of grace.

And then . . .

The state of the church in America today is poor, and it's a condition you can't blame on Willow Creek alone. It's increasingly difficult to swim against the tide of materialism, consumerism, and narcissism in the culture."

Those statements hit the bullseye spot on. Kudos to Michael Horton for calling it like it is.


crownring said...

A couple of quick quotes:

Capitialism doesn't have a conscience. (my husband)

Empires aren't built on mercy. (documentary on the Roman Coliseum)

There is actually a blessing in the Chinese goods recalls, if one has eyes to see it. A blessing in that we Americans been given a reason to not only question the quality of the things we buy, but also to question whether we actually NEED them at all.

lee n. field said...

I haven't yet run into anything yet by Michael Horton that wasn't well worth reading.

On the same subject, he was on Issues, Etc. a few days ago (27nov2007 for most of an hour, on, again, the sorry state of Am. evangelicalism.