Saturday, November 17, 2007

Time for a Little Intolerance

I am beginning to dread Christmas and Thanksgiving. Not because of the holidays, of course. It's because one can't turn on the television or read the newspaper without hearing of some moronic protest being launched, either on the streets or in the courts.

This morning, I was watching the news and lo, there arose a school district where the Christmas film classic, Miracle on 34th Street, has been banned. The district says the film focuses too narrowly on Santa Claus. Add this one to all the other Christmas kerfuffles out there, stirred up by all the various interest groups who find Christmas offensive, including those from other cultures and religious traditions.

Let me say at the outset that I am no fan of Santa per se. I believe that the reason for the season is Jesus Christ, not a mythical character. However, I have no desire to be an Ebenezer Scrooge and tell people they can't enjoy the Santa story and tradition. In and of itself, it's harmless as long as the real truth about Christmas is told. Regardless, this kind of stupid, ignorant (and in some cases malevolent) nonsense is beginning to get real, real old.

The rabid atheist groups who raise Cain need to receive a firm, loud response from the majority. They need to be ignored, and the courts who back them need to be ignored or replaced. The Constitution stipulates that the legislative branch has the authority to remove things from the courts' jurisdiction. That needs to be done and done now.

As for the immigrants from other cultures who move here and then raise Cain, they need to receive a loud, clear message. Just try going to Saudi Arabia as an immigrant and then tell the society you find references to Muhammed offensive and want them stopped. Just try going to India and insisting on the right to slaughter a cow in public. Get the idea? When you move to a culture, you are the one moving in. You understand full well what the traditions of the country are where you are going, and you respect that. It is one thing to share your own traditions and to observe your own traditions, but quite another thing to try and force your host nation to abandon theirs, with force being the operative word. This is a country founded on Christian principles and traditions, and you knew that coming here. Get over it and deal with it. You have the right to observe your beliefs as you choose. You have no right to insist on the denial of ours. If you can't stand it, go home. If you can stand it, and respect it, then you are welcome.

The media and radical left will try to label a stance such as this xenophobic, intolerant, hateful, you name the charge. And such charges are patently ridiculous. These kinds of charges are made in an effort to bludgeon people into submission under their notion of tolerance, which means everything goes EXCEPT Christianity. It's time the rest of us got a little intolerant of THEIR intolerance. They're the ones who poked the hornet's nest with a stick. They're the ones who started this. They need to reap the due reward of a righteously angry society who has finally had enough.

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Randy said...


You hit home a point I've always believed. If a person comes to this country, they need to adopt the ways of this country. Your point about going to Saudi Arabia was well on target as always. You have a way of writing the way I'm already thinking.
Are you reading my mind? Ha.

Be well,