Friday, November 09, 2007

A Trickle Becomes a Torrent

I still want to return to the subject of Heaven and Hell, and by God's grace I will -- tomorrow. Today I am pressed for time, so a quick think piece will have to do.

In the lovely Ozarks of Arkansas, if you tool around out in the boonies long enough, you will encounter what they call "low water bridges." They have them in other parts of the country, but I first encountered them in the Land of Opportunity. The one in the picture is near the community of Jasper. The Buffalo River is flowing over it, and as you'll see, the flow rate isn't much -- not surprising for the middle of August. If I were to stand on the bridge, the water wouldn't even get up to my ankles. You just hear the quiet babbling of the stream. It's really quite a peaceful setting.

But don't let the pastoral quiet fool you. The river can come up quite hastily and unexpectedly. They call it a "head rise." A heavy rain upstream can inundate this low water bridge and sweep away anything on it. Sometimes people have been caught completely unawares camping on the riverbank, with fatal consequences.

How like our own times in terms of truth and theology. When those of us in the church fall asleep and pay no attention to the trickle of bad theology bubbling up in our midst, the trickle quickly becomes a torrent. And often, the consequences have been fatal to many a fellowship. Why do we never learn?

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Phil Perkins said...

Howdy! Been a long time. I've been working out of town. Anyway, I saw your topic and I was preparing a sermon on hell. I started an outline and have posted the start of it at Al Tosap if you wish to look. That's at

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.