Friday, November 30, 2007

Young Rock Bands

If you look at today's issue (November 30) of USA Today, specifically in the Life section, you will findthis feature article on "kid bands."

As much as I am tempted, I am not going to go off on some huge diatribe. I have nothing at all against kids forming music groups. I happen to be connected with one in an informal, advisory sense. However, there are some telling things in the USA Today profiles of today's "kid bands" that ought to be at least a little disturbing to the rest of us, if not parents.

First, why would a group of very young kids (some pre-adolescent) want to call their band "The Naked Brothers Band?" No matter what innocent explanation that could be offered up (and I don't know, having just heard about them), is such a name really a good idea given the problems that have arisen of late with the sexualization of the young in our culture? Even if they didn't mean anything nasty, I am sure others will enjoy the double entendre.

As for the kid band called "Light of Doom," I found some rather disturbing things in that profile also, especially the mention of "liking the lifestyle" of rock and roll and girls "throwing themselves." Again, keep in mind the ages of these guys. And the "lifestyle?" These guys would do well to remember the destructive side of the rock and roll lifestyle, which has seen more than a good many young musicians dead way before their time, and most likely in Hell.

Yes, I know. I sound like an old, prudish curmudgeon. And I'll keep on sounding like it, because I for one am really getting tired of seeing young people with a lot of potential crash and burn on the public stage. (Britney and Lindsay, anyone?) I am tired of seeing deaths, drug overdoses, molestations, abortions, venereal diseases, suicides, and young lives ruined before they've even begun.

Will those terrible things happen to these guys (and a few girls)? I hope and pray not. And that responsibility lies with their parents for the time being. I hope they're watching things like hawks. And for their legions of budding young fans, I hope THEIR parents are watching THEM like hawks. Down the road, there might well be some things crop up that aren't quite such innocent fun.


Randy Adams said...


If you sound like an old, prudish curmudgeon, then so am I. I echo your sentiments in this post.

I don't think it's just my age that makes me think about the post-modern world the way it is. It's more about the Word, civility and manners that have gone out the window. It's even crept into the church.

Joel, remember the music we played at the station years ago? At least it had some rhyme and reason. How far do we go with new alternative styles. Can anything new be written or composed. Or do the bands just bang away to make a different noise? Got me on that one.

As always, great writing.


crownring said...

The problem with these young celebrities is that their management usually surrounds them with "Yes Men" that cater to their every wish and tell them everything they do is perfectly acceptable. After one hears that malarkey for a while, any voice of restraint and reason is bound to be drowned out by those of such leeches.

But this is nothing new, Sola? Didn't the Eagles put out "New Kid In Town" 30 years or so ago, describing this very thing?

SolaMeanie said...


I think the new thing is that these bands are pre-teen or early teen, and the sexual overtones of some of them is very troubling. I mean, mercy..when stores are selling dolls with fishnet stockings and stiletto heels to pre-teen girls, what does that tell us. Even more troubling is that parents don't seem to care.

crownring said...
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crownring said...

Hi Sola,

You and I grew up in another era when kids were allowed to be kids and were not immediately pushed in the spotlight when some modicum of talent emerged. Sure there's exceptions to that, but not all that many in the grand scheme of things. But is seems the greed of the 1980s convinced parents that their children's talents could put the whole family on easy street, whether it be in entertainment, professional sports, or whatever. Suddenly Mom and Dad can quit their boring 9-5 jobs and collect princely sums from managing their little darlings' careers....that is until their little darlings get wind of Mommy and Daddy's skimming and sue for emancipation. Now it's all about the MONEY and forget morality, responsibility, and everything else. We Christians talk a good game, but we're just as capable of sacrificing our children's childhood to the money god as anyone else, so perhaps we need to confront our own hypocrisy before pointing fingers at the world. What do we gain from protesting catalogues that feature sexy underwear for 8 year olds when our teenagers are left alone in a house and garage full of STUFF for hours at a time while Mommy and Daddy are working to pay for even MORE STUFF? The world has pretty much gone to Hell, Sola, and we'd better figure it out before we get sucked into that black hole along with everyone else.

Lisa said...

The reality is very, very few bands ever rise to celebratity status.
As a parent of a teen musician, I have witnessed the positive benefits that come from music, goal setting and all the experiences that it offers. Parental support and involvement is what makes the difference. Check out Comic Book Heroes and see for yourself.

Tim jones spokane said...

True Lisa, bands can give teens something to get busy about and forget about vices. But not all of the bands are successful.