Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Knew Bill Clinton Was Low, But . . .

. . . this takes the cake.

Beginning tomorrow, I am going to try to focus on Christmas for the next few days. But this just had to be mentioned. The link below to the Political Ticker quotes former Oval Office adulterer Bill Clinton saying that the first thing Hillary would do as president would be to send him and President Bush's father around the world to "repair the damage" caused by the elder Bush's son.

It is beyond cheap to try and divide a father and his son like that, especially for partisan political advantage. I hope Barbara Bush (not to mention George Senior) comes out and cleans Clinton's plow but good. And I hope that the elder George will also realize that nothing the Clintons do is for mere chumminess and comraderie. Bill likes to trumpet his "friendship" with the elder Bush. I hope the Bushes wake up and realize that they're being used.

The Political Ticker

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Palm boy said...

Not likely to happen. I think the elder Bush has fallen to the left hook, line, and sinker.