Monday, January 28, 2008

McCain's Temper

This published report I am linking is worth reading and considering as the primary season continues.

John McCain's temper is nothing new. However, as he is apparently beginning his ascension to the GOP nomination, it is worth considering again. Is someone with that volcanic a temper a good candidate for the Oval Office?



Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I like MCCain.

I think out of the Republican candidates, he has the best politics.

I think America needs a liberal Republican president.

God Bless


Randy said...

I'd much rather have a president who needs to work on his temper but is "honest" than someone who appears to be all warm and fuzzy and pull the wool over you.

pastorbrianculver said...

I don't know enough of the information or the man to know what his anger issue is truly about. If it is directed towards getting to the truth, I would rather have that then the fuzzy wool too. Only 10 more months till election and I still don't know who I am voting for. We'll have to see how the primaries play out.

SolaMeanie said...

I have lots of concerns about McCain and his temper is just one of them.

I have another concern that is peripheral. When you hear McCain being sold, we hear about his "war hero" status. Most who know me know that I have a high regard for the military. But I think "hero" is an overused term. Lots of people have been POWs for a long time, and you don't hear them being given "war hero" status. Usually, "war hero" is something you think about when considering valor in battle.

Also, think about this. Just because someone spent five years in a POW camp or is a war hero ought not to automatically confer on them a shield from criticism.

Hillary thinks she has the right to be president and that we ought to hand it to her by default. Let's not stumble into that again in the GOP. Dole was largely handed the nomination in 1996 because the party hierarchy thought it was "his turn." Dole had the charisma of a doorknob and was a lousy candidate.

crownring said...

It will come down to the usual in the end...........each of us will vote for whomever we believe is the lesser of evils. Should John McCain win the Republican nomination and be elected to office, he will certainly not be the first American president we've had who has "temper issues".

Frankly, these ultra-early primaries and caucuses are proof of idiocy on parade. What good does it do for a state to have an early primary, only to be punished by the DNC or the RNC by losing all or half the delegates at the conventions? It's enough to make me want to slap someone silly.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

I'll admit it, I like Mike Huckabee best, then McCain, and lastly I'm real iffy about whether or not I can vote for Mitt. But all of them can be converted.

Again though I had to chuckle at Crownring's post about slapping these Party officials in the face. Hear this with an O'prah accent "You GO girl!" LOL.

About McCain's anger. I hear he is doing better. He looked good in the last debate. Perhaps he is working on it. But here' is something I asked on my blog today:

Did Texas Walker / Chuck Norris unintentionally help, not his friend Mike Huckabee, but J. McC in the Florida primary by saying what he did about age? He said in the land of the retirees and snowbirds that McCain is too old to be President. Panic in the high rises. LOL.

SolaMeanie said...

I think the country would be better served by shutting televisions off and ignoring pollsters. These elections are so media driven now. It's all a beauty contest rather than actually hearing hard cold facts about policy.