Friday, January 04, 2008

A New Year Blood Boiler

Today, I just had to make a brief detour from our subject matter. This news story should make your blood boil. It certainly does my blood pressure no good.

Since when do 10-year-olds have transgender issues? Oh, I am sure a very few are out there, but I strongly suspect in most cases they're helped along by certain interested adults with an agenda. In any case, the actions of this public school are ridiculous. More than that, the parents ought to be called on the carpet for not dealing with their son's alleged issues in an appropriate fashion. This is wicked, evil nonsense. Period.


Truth Unites... and Divides said...


I like what you wrote over at TeamPyro:

The Emergent/Emerging idea is wrong from a foundational level. It starts out with a premise that the church is supposed to be a comfortable place for unbelievers, and that the church has to adapt itself to a postmodern culture rather than confronting the culture in a biblical fashion. That is bad ecclesiology. The best of them think they're trying to be effective in communicating to a postmodern mind, while the worst of them have actually adopted a postmodern mind themselves. That is bad epistemology. Couple that with a very, very low view of Scripture -- and in the worst cases -- a heterodox soteriology, and the seeds for disaster are sown.

Care to post that over at Parchment and Pen blog on a post called "Primer on Evangelizing Postmoderns".

SolaMeanie said...

Thanks much. I'll try to get over there to Reclaiming the Mind and have a look, but in the meantime, feel free to take what I said and post it there.

For HIM,

Palm boy said...

I bet he doesn't have any friends.