Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ruminations on the Election

As a former radio news director, reporter and anchor, I have -- until recent years -- always been a political junkie. Even though I am no longer in full time radio, I still do one radio program a week in connection with my apologetics ministry. Because of that, I still have to keep up to date on current events and politics. But I honestly have to say that I've grown weary with it. It hasn't helped much to see how little concerted evangelical efforts have mattered in the long term.

When I say that, I don't mean to say that no good was accomplished over the years. But if anything, we've helped slow the rot instead of stopping the rot altogether. Today, what little gains we have made are in serious jeopardy. While we wring our hands at the prospect of the hard left getting control of the White House and both houses of Congress, we ignore theological liberals gaining ascendancy in previously sound evangelical churches, not to mention the colleges and seminaries. Theological liberalism and the political liberalism of today go hand in hand. How in the world can Christians hold the line on issues like homosexual marriage when so-called evangelicals are waffling on whether homosexuality is even sin?

My friends have often heard me say that America is due getting a hard stick across her back from the Lord. I've said it for several years. So imagine how sobered I was to hear a man of no less caliber than Dr. John MacArthur saying in a sermon last year that God has abandoned America because of her unrepentant sin. And rather than calling America to repent, the church is beginning to join America in her apostasy.

When I look at the field of presidential candidates, I am not thrilled with any of them. I have liked Mike Huckabee, but withdrew my earlier endorsement of him for more consideration. His conservative credentials are questionable in some areas despite his correct stance -- so far -- on homosexuality and abortion. I have some doubt as to his theology now, especially after finding out that he backed the "moderates" in the Southern Baptist Convention, and his fondness for Rick Warren's way of doing things. Despite these reservations, Mike Huckabee seems the best a concerned evangelical can hope for in this rotten political and spiritual climate. I can't vote for Romney. I can't vote for McCain. I can't vote for Giuliani. And I certainly can't vote for anyone on the Democratic end of things.

Whatever happens, I won't decide not to vote, as some are considering. I might write in Bozo the Clown for president in the end, but I will exercise my right to vote while I still have one. Those who don't vote have no right to complain as far as I am concerned. Voting is a duty of citizenship, something they don't seem to teach much these days.

In essence, I have been ruminating out loud in this post. I know that God is sovereign, and that His purposes will be accomplished in the affairs of the nations. I have heard some say in the past that God can't judge America because His people are so numerous, and that America is a lighthouse for the Gospel.

Hmm. God can't judge America because His people are here? Tell that to Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Daniel.


lee n. field said...

>write in B. de Clown

Can't do it, not in Illinois. Write in's gotta get pre-approved, so no protest votes.

Ron Paul if I can, or leave POTUS blank, just like I do for the rinky-dink, "no idea who these people are you're being asked to vote for" county positions.

BTW, saw yesterday something about the Huckster consorting with Mr. Word-Faith, Ken Copeland.

Rob Auld said...

In Canada, when we want to protest the vote, we refuse our ballot. Refusal of Ballot is written into the record. Do you have the same option?

SolaMeanie said...


We can refuse to vote, but there is no "Refusal of Ballot" or "None of the Above" option. I wish we did. And as Lee reminds me, in the People's Republic of Illinois, we can't just write someone in.

Lee, yes..Huckabee and Copeland are friends, although Huckabee's people assure me they don't agree on theology. Interesting, isn't it?

pastorbrianculver said...

hmmm, kind of makes one wonder about that, hih?

crownring said...

Hi Sola,

With all due respect to Dr. MacArthur, I find myself displeased with a Calvinist playing the part of a prophet. For someone who vehemently opposes the idea of modern day prophecy being Biblical and genuine, he certainly has a lot to say about America being doomed for her sins. I would also remind Dr. MacArthur that the current state of Israel has a decidely SECULAR government that closely mirrors that of the U.S. and Europe and yet most modern evengelicals seem afraid to mention Israel's sins for fear of being struck down by lightning.

To the contrary, I do not see that God ever granted the United States any sort of most favored nation status, which MacArthur seems to imply that we've lost. As much as I love my country and am proud of my citizenship, historically this country has acted abominably towards its own citizens and the outside world more times than I can count since its founding in 1776...and we have paid and will continue to pay a horrific price in blood. It seems there has not been a single generation since our nation's founding that has not been engulfed in one war or multiple wars and there's plenty of evidence that suggests not all of them were justified. Spanish-American War anyone?

That America still exists and still has a semblence of democracy is a testimony to God's unfathomable mercy and HIS intent to use the U.S. for HIS own purposes. Great Britain has been duly punished for its hubris under kings and prime ministers for many hundreds of years, yet it still exists and will continue to exist as long as God desires. Don't get me wrong, I know God is cleaning house. However HE's started by cleanng and redeeming HIS HOUSE first and when HE's done with us, the nations of this planet are in for an extremely rude awakening. We regard a man who lets his children run wild and who does not discipline his own household as unqualified and unworthy to dispensing justice in the general community..and that standard comes from God The Father Himself. God is not on our side, but HIS own, and it's time to stop conning ourselves that it's the other way around.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Way to punch it CrownRing! As one who does believe in all the spiritual gifts, and that Israel is our best friend in the middle east and best on human rights and that they still are people of promise though such may not happen til the future for them (national repentance and believing on their rightful Messiah after some big event), I did find myself chuckling at your post CrownRing. Especially this issues with John McC and Americanism.

That said, I think Joel that you can be more confident with Mike Huckabee. His SBC being with some moderates was never with the pro gay marriage or 'choice'/abortion crowd. NRTL has him as THE most pro-life and family candidate among McCain the amnesty and Mitt the pro-life newcomer Mormon.

So many evangelicals diss Mike Huckabee mainly for pragmatic and MSM believing reasons 'he can't win'. People should use primaries to VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE and influence the campaigns. If it is for Ron Paul as one post says, then do it. I can't because of my seriousness about the war on Islamic jihadist terror tactics. But don't vote for Mitt for deep pockets or John for MSM approval.

I don't care if one doesn't 'endorse' a candidate but I'd love to see a list of the positive reasons you lean toward Mike Huckabee as opposed to all gloom stuff sometime Solameanie. I know you are sola meanie (LOL) but I think you CAN do this.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

oops, i meant to say the way crownring went after John MacA, not John Mc. the former cracked me up and i don't think she mentioned the latter.

SolaMeanie said...

John MacArthur's Calvinism is irrelevant. I also don't think he intended to sound "thus saith the Lord" prophecy in terms of predictive events as much as he was being prophetic in the sense of forthtelling God's truth. When you look at the whole of Scripture and see the things that brought God's judgment on a nation, America is ripe for it. I think he is spot on in saying that, and you don't have to pay much attention to our rotting culture to see it.

In terms of positive things about Huckabee, I've spelled them out already in previous posts. I do like the guy, but don't agree with all of his policy positions. As things look, McCain seems to be the presumptive anointed this week. I will vote, but I will vote my conscience. Party activists always like to tell people like me that I am wasting my vote, but a vote cast is never wasted if you are voting from the heart and FOR someone with whom you agree. I am accountable to the Lord for my vote.

pastorbrianculver said...