Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vote For Me Because. . . . .

Today I just have time for a brief comment. I have to leave for some weekend business meetings. But have any of you noticed what I am about to say?

The news guys have been out there doing interviews of people as to why they are voting for Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton. Very, very frequently, you don't hear much about their respective qualifications or policy ideas. You hear, "It's my chance to vote for a woman," or, "it's my chance to vote for a viable black candidate."

Shouldn't that be just a bit troublesome to the majority of us? Keeping in mind what Dr. Martin Luther King said about judging people by the content of their character instead of their skin color -- and broadening that to include gender, who cares if Obama is black or if Hillary is a woman? It shouldn't be a determining factor in who occupies the Oval Office.

I couldn't vote for Hillary, but I could vote for Margaret Thatcher. I couldn't vote for Obama, but I could vote for Thomas Sowell. See, it's their PHILOSOPHY and positions that matter, not the other nonsense.

But this is the state of politics in America today. Only the peripheral matters, and what the candidate promises to give away in handouts no matter what the ultimate cost is to the country. No one sees -- especially with the Clintons (Bill included) the unbridled lust for power and willingness to trample anyone who gets in their way.

Troubling. Very troubling.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

If a Democrat wins, I hope it is Clinton and not Obama.

I think Obama lacks the experience and forcefulness to make a decent president.

While I would like a Republican in the Whitehouse, I think a Clinton presidency would be a real boost for trans-atlantic relations as she is known and relatively respected here in the UK.

Every Blessing in Christ


S.J. Walker said...

Yes, one must choose the lesser of two weavils.