Sunday, February 17, 2008

Iced In Again

The weather is at it again here in the Land of Lincoln. It began today with heavy rain, switching over to freezing rain, and soon the snow is supposed to begin. They're calling for up to 4 inches by the time it's all over. If this system had started out all snow, we would have been buried with more than a foot. Many churches have called off services for today, so I am here at home watching the foot plus of snow already fallen in previous storms turn to a mushy mess. I hope the sump pump in my basement survives.

You'd think that this would give me time to come up with a substantive post today, but in all honesty, I just don't feel like it. I could talk about politics. I could talk about current controversies in theology. I could talk about bowling or crappie fishing. I could talk about anything, I guess. But I'm tired. I feel a nap coming on, that is after I finish my cup of hot tea. The fire is burning in the fireplace. It's cozy and warm here in the house. I just got done doing my taxes and I'm getting a refund. Between that and the refund supposedly coming from the tax rebate package, my property taxes should be taken care of for another year. I am thankful for God's blessings. Thankful. Maybe that's saying enough for today.


The Doulos said...

Yuck. I hate ice storms, and living here in Nebraska I've seen my share of 'em. Maybe my intense dislike of ice storms is due to the fact that I work for an electric utility, and ice is never a good thing for a power line. Stay warm and dry and appreciate God's grace in that.

SolaMeanie said...

Amen to that. I hear that a quarter inch of ice adds something like 100 pounds to an electric line. I bet you guys dread winter!

Randy said...


Even though your post was short, it was nice. Sometimes just saying, like you did, "I'm thankful for God's blessings, maybe that's saying enough today" is what we need to hear.

Like you, I hate the ice. I don't like snow either. But I'd rather have just plain snow than ice along with it. We can hope for spring to arrive in the future.

Be well,