Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Problem With Liberals

As we discuss (off and on) the current political season over the next few weeks, I want you to keep in mind a key foundational principle.

I have often listened to conservative friends vent with utter frustration at trying to reason with liberal friends, and visa versa. There is almost a complete disconnect at understanding where each other is coming from. It's at the philosophical level, but many don't see it. Here's what it is.

Liberals believe that mankind is basically good. All of their beliefs and "remedies" to societal ills stem from that foundational belief. On the other hand, conservatives (most of them) tend to recognize the fallen nature of mankind. That is why conservatives stress personal responsibility and accountability so much.

This came to me vividly last night while watching a Fox News report about an Ocala, Florida, woman who was arrested and charged for "neglect." Why? Because she was frustrated at her inability to control her teenage sons to the point that she packed up and moved out of the house. Mind, we are not talking little temper tantrums here. These young punks are dangerous. They even went after a news crew armed with a lead pipe. Yet instead of dealing with these young miscreants who need a good solid kick in the pants, they put the mother in jail instead. Think about it a while.

The poor woman is not physically as strong as three or four teenage boys. She should have gotten some male friends together and had them come in and pound some sense into these bratty thugs. But no, that's "child abuse." These young boys are just "acting out" their anger at their unfortunate circumstances.

In a word, bull. That may or may not be, but their behavior is unacceptable and there must be severe consequences for their behavior. The nanny state is punishing the wrong person. How typical.

Again, think about it a while.

Coming later: Why I am Not A Conspiracy Theorist, Despite Appearances


pastorbrianculver said...

what's bad is that these boys have gone through almost 10 years of school with no level of discipline in the schools. And I would bet their mom did not discipline them at home. And did we notice? where is the father in this scenario? Too many kids act like this. spare the rod, spoil the child!! If it wasn't such a society where people can sue so easily, then maybe discipline would return at the very moment the child acts up!

lee n. field said...

"Liberals believe that mankind is basically good."

Que up a discussion of depravity, the fall, and the noetic effects of sin. Those of us of a certain theological bent are not surprised that the world in this age can be a dark and scary place.