Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Revisiting Robert Schuller

Sola's Note: Again today, I find myself rather swamped with office and home issues. Among other things, my water system has gone on the fritz one more time. Oh, well. This too shall pass.

In lieu of a post from me, I am linking this commentary by Pastor Gary Gilley regarding a conference being held by Dr. Robert Schuller. Of course, few aware, biblically discerning Christians these days are ignorant of Schuller's "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free" theology, but this bears reading and pondering. A sign of the times? I think so.

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crownring said...

Hi Sola,

Sorry about your water system. Been there, done that, and had hefty bills to show for it. BLEAH!

As for Shuller, he reminds me of lite beer or watered down wine. He's abandoning living water of Christ and the wine of the New Covenant for spiritual Bud lite and Ripple. I certainly wouldn't want to attend any wedding feast Shuller gives. I'm just waiting for the earthquake that will turn his Crystal Cathedral into nothing but shards of glass.