Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sometimes, No More Words Are Necessary

In this rather telling piece, the Wall Street Journal's online edition gives an account of the rather despondent mood in the Clinton camp these days. But that isn't what drew my attention in the article. Read the following bit about recently departed Hillary campaign chair Patti Solis Doyle and her return home:

Ms. Solis Doyle recently returned home after two months on the road to find a family accustomed to her absence, she told colleagues. When her 6-year-old son cried out one night recently, he rebuffed his mom, saying, "I want Daddy." Ms. Solis Doyle flew out of the room in tears and told her husband: "Joey doesn't want me. S- this campaign, I'm quitting."

Ironic and sad, isn't it? When you think of the uber-feminist Hillary and all that she stands for (despite denials and subterfuges), here is a very poignant, even heartbreaking, example of what's wrong with the radical feminist concept of family life. It appears Ms. Solis Doyle was reminded rather vividly what her first priority is in life after the Lord. Her family. I hope the lesson is learned in far broader circles than just Hillary Clinton's campaign.

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Ron said...

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In a comment you made on TeamPyro recently you mentioned an article concerning the multitude of compassionate things the church has accomplished in recent decades. I'm mediating a discussion on this topic presently and think that something like that would be a crucial influence in this discussion. If you could email that article it would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.