Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sundry Comments on Current Events

While in Arkansas, the world rolled on even if I was "checked out" for a time. I might have been "checked out," but I was still watching things and having my blood pressure raised accordingly.

1. The Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop Rowan Williams (I keep wanting to call him Rowan Atkinson) raised a stinkpot last week when he called for Islamic Law to be recognized in Britain. Later, he said he was shocked . . . shocked . . . at the furor. Williams had a liberal reputation when he was named the spiritual head of the Anglican Communion. Why are we shocked, then, when he proves his liberal credentials by taking such a position? This is yet another example of the Communion's ill health. I agree with those who say Rowan Williams should step down. The Anglican Communion will only return to good spiritual health when it returns to sound biblical doctrine. Until then, churches that still value the Word of God will continue to leave.

2. Nebraska Supreme Court

Nebraska's Supreme Court chopped yet another hole in the death penalty late last week when they ruled the electric chair unconstitutional under the state's constitution. The governor rightly blasted the ruling as the meanderings of an activist court bound and determined to put the death penalty down, even though the court didn't strike directly at the death penalty. Very likely, no matter what method the legislature decides to endorse, the court will also somehow find it to be "cruel and unusual punishment." I've got a better idea. Judges or justices that refuse to do what they are supposed to do and interpret the law instead of legislating from the bench need to be impeached and removed from the bench. The United States Constitution allows Congress to restrict the jurisdiction of the courts. This needs to happen with out of control state courts. If there is no provision in state constitutions to allow for this, amend the constitutions and put it in there. In the case of a really out of control court, there is the option to do what Andrew Jackson did and ignore the ruling. People tend to forget that the judicial branch is one of three co-equal branches. The courts are NOT the last word on a subject. Today, we tend to think of the courts as the final authority. They are not and were never intended to be.

3. The Primaries

I find the current primary process very interesting, especially the outcomes. Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee continue to surprise people. I do know this. I do not trust John McCain and will find it very hard to vote for him. There is no way I would ever vote for either Obama or Hillary. I may end up casting my vote for the Taxpayer's Party or something similar, but I am not going to be forced to vote for someone who has never missed an opportunity to stick it to conservatives. Even McCain's speech at the recent conservative conference demonstrated no real effort to mend the fence, at least one that satisfied me. If McCain is the nominee, look for a Democratic victory in November. Bob Dole all over again.

That's all for now. My next post will hopefully deal with spiritual matters, perhaps the next part of my Ephesians study. I think we'll certainly find God's Word more satisfying than focusing on the culture going to Hell in a handbasket.

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Palm boy said...

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my mind around why even a liberal would want Shiara law...
Just doesn't make sense.

And I think your right about McCain.