Monday, February 18, 2008

Yes, Alice..the World is Nuts

Below are links to three different stories. For time's sake, I am not going to hyperlink them. Just copy and paste them into a new browser window, then prepare to take a beta blocker to lower your blood pressure.

The first story is actually funny. A psychiatrist makes the compelling case that liberals have a mental disorder. I could have told them that long ago.

The next story is maddening. The New World Order disorder at its best. Look beyond the story and the headlines and realize the implications of what is happening here. While I hated Milosovic's bloodshed, the Serbs and the Russians have a point here. I think the Albanian separatists helped bring on the bloodshed, which Milosovic exploited for his own purposes. But for NATO and others to fan separatist movements could have domino effects. Very unpleasant ones.

This final story is enough to make me want to scream. Stupidity and bureaucracy are dangerous individually and together. Mixed with a narcissistic culture, it's deadly.


crownring said...

No oral exams in a language class? Worried about grades to the point they're afraid an A student will flub an oral exam? What nonsense! What about the B student who might ace the exam and actually raise his GPA? What do they hope to achieve by coddling these students unless it's ignorance?

Gilbert said...

Am I going to be tested on this comment? I'm under stress, and therefore, I can't do anything. In fact, this post is being made by my ghost writer, who is thinking for me, since I am under so much stress.

See what happens when you listen to too many Brittney Spears CD's?