Saturday, March 08, 2008

Important Warning from Dr. Mohler/Homeschooling Case

In case you haven't heard, an appeals court in California (where else) has ruled that parents have no constitutional right to homeschool their own children. This case is sending shockwaves around the country, and with it's smug brazenness, it's not hard to see why.

I am linking this column by Dr. Al Mohler, who details the story. Read, pray and act before public officials in your own state get inspired all of a sudden. When California sneezes, the nation gets the flu.


S.J. Walker said...

I was home schooled all the way though high school, and then graduated from college with honors. Many homeshoolers I know were better students than I (many realistically were not). It isn't for lack of scholastic ability that CA has done this.

They're afraid of people that have been taught to think in another way than their own (not necessarily Christian, but mainly).

Even So, come Lord Jesus.

A Lion Has Roared!

Randy said...


I passed on your blog information to a couple of fellow bloggers who homeschool their children. I find it a shame that this is going on. My fellow bloggers knew of this situation. I commend them for home schooling their three children.

Since when is it the government's right to take care of our children?
Well, that's rhetorical for it isn't their job at all.

Thanks for always standing for the truth. You always say what I wish I had written myself! May God always bless you my dear friend.