Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes, Virginia..Sin Exists!

In this great column, Dr. Al Mohler hits another home run. I think we all (and that includes me) need to pay close attention and heed what he is saying.


Strong Tower said...

Hmm, did they ever find the Jew gene?

Once they find the culprit that is keeping back evolution, will they try to effect a final solution?

It has always been held by racists that the "typical" (as in gramObamama) representative of maladaptive species are simply evolutionarily inferior and a drag on the advancement of the human race. Now supposing that a "cure" can be found, or a replacement belief inculcated by the Great ScEyeGuys, in all utilitarian fairness if it would save just one child, shouldn't the progressive minded politician push for change. Yes, it might work, today Newark tomorrow... National Belief Care. Think as one, it is possible that John Lennon was right.

Palm boy said...

How can you have salvation when there is nothing to be saved from...???

Nonsense this is.