Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Case for Retributive Justice

So. A 6 foot 5 man in Indianapolis decides to rob a bank. He vaults over a counter and shoots a teller in the stomach before taking the loot. The teller was a woman, pregnant with twins.

I hope they catch the thug, and soon. And then . . .

But instead, we'll probably hear how the thug was victimized by society and needs therapy. I'd say he needs therapy. About 2,400 volts worth.


Jonny McCormick said...

yes...that would sure be the solution. how is that apologetic ministry working out for you?

SolaMeanie said...

Hi, Jonny..

Good to hear from you.

Things have been going reasonably well, especially with our radio program. We just had Dr. Kenneth Poppe on (airs Saturday and should be available on the web) about his book, "Darwinism's Weakest Link."

Also, whenever there is a news story like the polygamist cult in Texas, that tends to drive up interest in apologetics and counter-cult ministry.

Hope and pray all is well with you. Sounds like Rowan Williams ignited a bit of a firestorm over there with Islam recently.

SolaMeanie said...

Late update. They thought they'd be able to save both the mother and the babies, but complications developed and both twins were born dead.

Sad, sad, sad.