Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Prayer Request

My posting may be pretty sporadic over the next few days. My stepfather is facing vascular surgery of some type later this week, but we don't know yet know the specifics.

He suffered a mini-stroke two weeks ago, and we have discovered that he has a carotid artery blockage. We had to rush him to the hospital over the weekend because he nearly passed out twice. Sunday was calm for the most part, but he began noticing weakness and numbness in his limbs. That concerned us, so we asked for his appointment with the surgeon to be moved up.

That appointment took place today, and the surgeon believes there might be more going on with him besides just the carotid blockage. I'll be at the hospital quite a bit, so my blog time will be very limited for a while. I'd appreciate your prayers for this situation.

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crownring said...

I'll be praying, Sola!