Saturday, April 05, 2008

Taking Schools Back

Let me warn you in advance. This will probably be almost stream-of-consciousness with little regard for run on sentences or grammar lapses. I'm mad. Maybe I'll clean up the copy later. Then again, maybe I won't!

This linked article reports yet another outrage with public schools usurping the rights of parents to direct the upbringing of their children.

The news stories -- as well as actions by parents -- tend to focus on the legal battles. Unfortunately, with so many liberal or so-called "progressive" judges infesting the courts, more often than not the courts back the schools. "Parents, what we teach your children is none of your business." It is truly an outrage, but what to do about it?

Obviously, a broad scale effort is needed. We need to get enough conservatives elected to Congress -- especially the Senate -- who will both make law and, in the Senate's case, confirm conservative judges who still believe that parents have the right to govern their families. We need to elect a genuine conservative president who will nominate the right people. We also need to preserve the right to homeschool. The same thing needs to be done on the state and local level. But there's another thing that must be done, and you don't hear much about it.

Conservative or traditionalist parents need to get elected to school boards. School boards and parents need to take control of the districts back from the administrators/professional "educators" who are adept at intimidating school boards (not to mention parents). Leftist administrators or superintendents need to be fired or not have their contracts renewed. Before hiring a new superintendent, the school boards need to cross examine them closely as to their philosophy. The same thing applies to teachers. The teachers' unions have a stranglehold on the system, and that needs to be broken. That will only happen if enough parents get involved, run for office, run for school board, become educators etc. The left spent decades taking over. It's too bad conservatives seldom show the same single-minded determination to pursue their goals.

And before someone starts screaming "unfair," let me remind you to look at how the leftist administrations and faculties at secular universities tend to treat conservative professors or students. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


Ron said...

Some time ago I watched a Francis Shafer DVD titled "A Christian Manifesto" were he addressed and blamed Christians for sitting in the pews and letting things such as this happen. There's a vast chasm between having the "head knowledge" of Scripture and obeying it. Those of a more liberal bent take an activist stance and IMHO that's the same attitude we as Christians need to adopt. But there's a price to pay for taking a more activist role and many individuals have been reluctant to accept that responsibility, many times for self-serving reasons, taking the stance of simply "letting" someone else deal with it. Quite obviously that hasn't worked, nor should we have expected it to.
I'm going to stray a bit off topic here, so please ablige me a while I tie this together. We've seen the inroads liberal/emerg**nt Christians (it pains me to use that terminology) have made with their activism and must admit the success they've had. Unfortunately, most liberal/emerg**nts start from an agenda and proceed to hijack snippets of Scripture, then modify and "contextualize" them to fit those agendas. Some even indicate that they want to live like Jesus livee\d. But upon closer examination, their words don't match their actions.And since most of our society (Christian included) is so acclimated to superficiality, never willing to deeply investigate anything, many fall prey to the next whim that comes along. Now we, as Bible believing Christians, should START with the TRUTH of Scripture as our agenda and take the same activist stance, living and actually obeying what Scripture says. Scriptural Truth Activism! If we have truly "counted the costs", we need to act as if we accept them and live out the responsibilities God's wonderful word. If not we can just expect tidal wave after tidal wave to come and wash away the foundations the Christ layed down for His children, his church.

I apologize for the long winded rant.

Rob Auld said...


Are you kidding me. Leftist administrators should be not hired or fired? What's the litmus test for that? Anyone who disagrees with you? This is a poorly thought out argument.


SolaMeanie said...


Did you read the article? No, it is not poorly thought out. It's called regaining control of something that has gotten out of control. It's also families and communities taking back authority that has been userped. I would think you'd be opposed to state interference in parents' upbringing of their children. In any business, an employee that does not agree with the philosophy and goals of their employer gets sacked. It's no different here. If teachers and administrators will not fulfill what they are told to do by their superiors (school boards), they need to be sacked.

This superintendent in question told the parent that he had no say over what his children would be taught. Here in the States, parents are supposed to direct the upbringing of their children, and school districts are supposed to be under local control by elected school boards.

I realize you're in love with statism, but that is not how America is designed to be.

SolaMeanie said...

I meant to say "usurped," not "userped."

SolaMeanie said...
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