Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy 60th to Israel!

The fact that today is the 60th anniversary of Israel's founding has been mentioned a few times on the news channels. With the exception of Christian stations, I doubt that much of the coverage will focus on the miracle of Israel's survival for six decades, surrounded by a host of enemies that want her driven into the sea and all Jews dead.

Each time I hear a report of another rocket being fired from Gaza into Israeli cities, my blood boils. Every time Hezbollah carries out similar mischief from its haven in Lebanon, my blood boils. And every time I hear Europe -- not to mention our own government -- chide Israel for even tepid responses and urge them to "show restraint," my blood goes beyond boiling and almost into a fusion chain reaction.

In my more fleshly moments, I have almost wished that some rogue Canadians would fire a few mortars into Detroit or some other border city. Maybe some rogue Mexicans could fire a few mortars or rockets into El Paso or San Diego. But why stop at a few? What if there were repeated rocket attacks into American border cities? Then Israeli leaders could hold a news conference and urge the U.S. government to "show restraint." Wouldn't that be poetic justice? That is, assuming our government is smart enough to get the point.

You know what's really sad? The Islamic radical nut cases know Western minds better than we know ourselves. They know Israel tries to avoid mass civilian casualties because of their own moral convictions. They also know that Western audiences are very susceptible to video images of bloody women and children. That's part of the reason they launch attacks from civilian neighborhoods. If the Israelis strike to knock out the launch sites and the thugs firing off the rockets, the thugs make sure some women and children are killed so they've got propaganda for gullible, anti-Israel Western media to snort like cocaine.

Israel should just proceed to wipe out the threat, and we ought to let them alone when they do it. In fact, we ought to help them in taking out these murderous thugs. If the response is severe and sustained enough -- and the thugs realize that we're not buying the propaganda any more -- I have a hunch the attacks would stop. You have to render the price for launching such attacks too high.

In fact, the civilian population ought to run the terrorists out of their neighborhoods, or turn them in to the Israelis and get out of the way when they strike. Of course, that's not likely given the cancerous hate toward Israel. But they need to learn a lesson that's really not all that hard to learn.

Do the Palestinians and their supporters really want peace and prosperity? Stop the attacks on Israel, and they will have peace tomorrow. The blockades will be lifted. Trade can begin. Their infrastructure can be rebuilt. It would be amazing what could be accomplished.

However, as long as they continue their unreasoning, vengeful hatred and insist on attacking, murdering, bombing, and plotting for Israel's eventual destruction, the only thing they will earn for themselves is destruction. And that's not coming from me. The last time I checked, the Lord God Himself has something to say about what happens with that land, and what happens to those who devote themselves to curse His people.


Palm boy said...

At this point, I'm not sure Israel could run Hezbollah into the ground, even without encouragements of western restraint. The war we had last summer came to little more then a stalemate, despite Israel's aggressive efforts.

It may be that the restraint advised by the west helps increase the image of Israeli strength without having to continually back it up with serious action.

Solameanie said...

Actually, it really wasn't all that aggressive. Many Israelis feel Olmert really muffed the prosecution of the war effort. For once, our administration gave carte blanche for the Israelis to go in and clean house, but Olmert held the military back from really going in full throttle.

Now they're paying for it. Maybe if Benjamin Netanyahu takes over as PM, something will finally be done.