Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kudos To An Anglican!

I've been so busy this past week or two. Due to changing job responsibilities and busyness at home, I really haven't had time to write substantial posts of late. Today, though, I want to issue some kudos where kudos is due.

I've been pretty critical of the Anglican Communion in recent years. Or more precisely, liberal prelates and priests within the Anglican Communion, especially those in the U.S. branch, the Episcopal Church.

This article in the London Daily Mail features the Right Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester. In true, spot on fashion, he nails what's wrong with British society today. And in my view, not just British society. Much of Western Europe has the same virus, and the pandemic is hitting hard here in America as well.

No doubt, we'll hear plenty of outraged frothing over Rev. Nazir-Ali's statements. Let's hope he stands his ground.

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saunch said...


Right on about Obama! AND the media! I trust Fox News more than any other news organization; it's all I watch. But when it comes to religious or Christian discussions, even they are at a total loss. Remember when Huckabee was still running and made the comments about Mormonism. The news commentators that I normally respect on most other subjects, like the rest of the media, threw a fit. It didn't even matter that everything he said about Mormonism was true.

There is no spiritual discernment in the media because they are dead spiritually. They don't challenge Obama on spiritual things because, like Obama himself, they cannot understand them.

To me the most frightening thing is that that's the situation for most people in our society. Most of those who claim to be believers (who truly ARE) have no discernment because they don't know God's Word. They have never grown to maturity. They're spiritual babes who look to the Schullers and Hybels and Warrens. But, MOST of those who claim to be believers are NOT, they've created their own gods and own religion and just call it christianity. They don't have the ability to judge or discern what anyone says about spiritual things, other than on an emotional, and occasionally on an intellectual, level.

I've gotten to the point that if our media or society is all for someone or something, red flags shoot up. Christ was hated and persecuted and said we would be, too. If the world loves someone who claims to be "religious", there's bound to be something wrong with the picture.