Thursday, May 15, 2008

Methinks Obama and the Dems Protesteth Too Much

In this speech to the Israeli Knesset, President Bush makes a valid point without naming names, and the Democrats are coming unglued. Obama started fuming first, with Hillary, Nanci Pelosi, Joe Biden and others piling on.

Um, where was this outrage when Jimmy Carter met with dictators and generally trashed his country while overseas on numerous occasions? Where was the outrage when Obama actually said that he'd talk to Iran? Aside from these fairly recent matters, the record of liberal appeasement through the years speaks for itself. Gone are Democrats like Franklin Roosevelt and Scoop Jackson. Jimmy Carter sat on his hands for 444 days while Iran held our hostages. As Monty Python used to nudge and wink, "Say no more!"

Excuse me while I laugh. Given the overwrought outrage of the Dems, Bush must have hit a nerve.

Methinks they protesteth too much.


Palm boy said...

It's also wonderful to finally agree 100% with W again. :D

Solameanie said...

Yep. It does feel good at that. Overall, it was a good speech, but I still think he is a bit on the Pollyanna side when it comes to radical Islam. If he genuinely thinks most Palestinians really want a side-by-side state with Israel, someone needs to set him straight.