Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spanking Hillary

Since I've spanked Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, and John McCain (I think), I need to spank Hillary Rodham Clinton today.

In her campaign stops, Hillary seldom misses a chance to laud herself over both Obama and McCain as presidential material, and that's to be expected. But recently, she said this . . . "You need a president who will take care of you."

What a perfect illustration of why we DON'T need someone like Hillary in the White House. I don't want the president taking care of me. I don't want the government taking care of me. I don't need a nanny, thank you very much.

Far too many Americans have come to think like Hillary and typical liberals. You just can't make it without the government telling you what to do in nearly every aspect of your life. Far too many Republicans have that mindset as well, even though they might not push the nanny state as fast as Democrats.

The government needs to do what it is constitutionally required to do. And no more than that. Someone needs to tell that to Hillary, Obama, and yes . . . McCain too.

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donsands said...

Clear as anything could be, what you just said.

Why do they not see it?

I watched a Congressman last night addressing the other memebers of Congress concerning the Lending & Mortgage crisis fiasco dilemma thing we have in America. He lays out the problems, and with seemingly sincere compassion he says, "... and this is where, and when the Government needs to come in and get involved." (paraphrased)

I wish someone would have sceamed out your sentiments from this post loud and clear in that sacred, (or use to be sacred), hall.

Keep the spankings coming Meanie.