Friday, May 30, 2008

When Will We Finally Have Enough?

Today, a host of stories that ought to make your blood boil. But boiling blood isn't enough. When will we as a society finally have enough of this nonsense and do something about it?

1. Texas middle school and secret Muslim CAIR presentation. This is outrageous!

Editor's note - The original link I provided doesn't seem to like Blogger's way of hyperlinks. Here is the link, which you can cut and paste into your browser. The other links below seem to work fine.

2. Utah Public School Teaches Masturbation. This is abominable!

3. Obama Mocks "Traditional Intepretations of Scripture" on homosexuality. This is predictable, but probably won't get much attention. It should. The overall apostasy of the United Church of Christ aside, I have serious doubts as to whether this man is a genuine Christian.

Now, some sensible people.

In this link, columnist Ilana Mercer nailed liberals to the core. I really liked this description:

The aforementioned mutant leftists consider America a propositional nation, a notion and an idea; not a community of flesh-and-blood people sharing a mother tongue, traditions, history and heroes. To such pseudo-sophisticates, the idea that some are part of your national family, and others not, signals a lack of worldliness. The nation's social scientists, statists all, would go even further and diagnose proponents of the nation as diseased.

And finally, a good discussion of labels. What is conservative, and what is liberal?

That will do for today. Hopefully I'll have some time later for my own commentary.


Vicki L said...

good writing.

Palm boy said...

Whats the link for that texas/CAIR story?