Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yanking the Reins on Kids

I generally try to avoid doing two posts in a day, or premature bumps of posts. However, I saw a couple of news stories tonight that raised my ire a bit, therefore I had to make some comment.

I think the situation with out-of-control children and early teens is a growing concern in our society, and for good reason. There are many reasons, and among the chief is the influence of leftist social engineers (especially state "child welfare" workers) who think all children belong to the state, and that parents have no right to direct the upbringing of their children. Discipline of any kind, especially corporal punishment, is increasingly frowned on and prosecuted. There is also an entire generation of parents who are basically guilty of child worship, raising up an even worse new generation of little narcissists.

So what do we have today? Late elementary, middle and high school students are taking nude pictures of themselves with cellphones or digital cameras, and are either emailing them or posting them on the Internet. Parents are shocked, shocked. Schools are in an uproar (unless the teachers at the school are sleeping with the kids or training them to approve of deviant sexuality). I'm not kidding with that last remark, by the way. Ask residents of Florida, Massachusetts, and several other states.

First, take the cellphones away from the kids. They don't need them. They (as well as the adults) got along fine for generations without cellphones attached to their umbilical cords.

Second, no computer usage unless the computer is out in the main room and visible to the parents while the computer is being used. No computer usage at schools without supervision. There is blocking software out there and it should be used. Using a computer for a child is not a right, but a privilege. Violations of rules merit -- in the words of my friend Phil Johnson -- an instant, automatic and, if necessary, permanent ban. (That's my favorite phrase for the week)

Folks, it's really not rocket science. It involves re-asserting something that's been sorely lacking of late, and that's parental authority. Final and absolute, with no equivocation and no apologies.

While we're at it, I think its high time we re-asserted local community control of school districts from the teachers unions and professional administrators who think they know so much. As a matter of fact, why stop there? Let's start impeaching a few judges and sacking a few agency bureaucrats as well. The government is there to serve us -- their employers -- in this representative republic. Most of the government in all three branches has seemingly forgotten that little fact. It's time we reminded them.


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Claudia Riley said...

Your comments were so right on. I did a post on June 1, to which I've linked an addendum as it related well.