Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Love the Ozarks - Next Installment

This is a great shot I found of Black River, a wonderful stream that flows through southeast Missouri and northwestern Arkansas. This shot was taken by someone in the Missouri portion of the stream, where the water runs a bit clearer.

Black River ran near my late aunt and uncle's horse ranch near Annapolis, Missouri. I swam in it as a child, and boy was it cold! Once the stream gets to Arkansas, it leaves the Ozarks and runs through flatter ground, picking up some silt and gaining a murkier appearance. But it's still a lovely river, although it can get out of control.


Randy said...


I know you love the Ozarks! It does look like a nice place to visit. Myself, I so enjoy looking at the water it seems. I'm glad I took my little venture to Portland Oregon and went to the Pacific Ocean. It was quite refreshing and relaxing. It was a well overdue time to get away. It went quickly. (As it seems all vacations do.)

Hope all is well!


Tim Brown said...


I was born in the Ozarks. Springfield, Missouri actually. Too bad I didn't grow up there.

My wife and I were down there last month to visit my cousin near Jeff City, Mo, then up to Bethany to attend a wedding.

Whenever we go, I try to cross over from Illinois to Mo as early as possible. My frame of mind changes very quickly!

I did a post on this during our trip. Here's the link.