Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pretending Obedience?

I seldom bump a post on the same day, but in reading the Psalms this afternoon, I came upon this stunning verse . . .

Those who hate the Lord would pretend obedience to Him, and their time of punishment would be forever (Psalm 81:15).


Stop and think about that one for a moment. When you consider someone who hates the very notion of God and observe their behavior, their hatred is pretty obvious. But imagine someone hating the Lord, yet pretending to be obedient.

I will have to dig into Psalm 81 more deeply for a proper exegesis. But in the abstract, it makes me wonder about some false teachers out there. It's one thing to be deceived, but quite another to have hatred of God lurking under the woodwork.



Anonymous said...

This will make one stop and think. I think on this subject daily. At times I seem more burdened by these types and the hurt they are putting on others than winning the unsaved. They are coming out of the woodwork in these Last Days, most to make a profit ( Love of money ).I am even seeing some of the old faithful ones falling by the wayside. Take notice how they dress in black, dude up thier hair similar to the gay men's hair style.They preach nothing but prosperity in these bad economic times. False doctrines, false promises, false everything. These are sad but at the same time exciting and interesting times to be living in. My Dad was an Evangelist and he told me as a child of these very things we are seeing now. All a person has to do is be still and know Jesus is God, look around and see the truth. Please check my post titled LIAR, June 28,2008. Hang tuff Brother, you are not alone.
I know two you can count on. Jesus and me.

In Christ,
Thomas Brown

pastorbrianculver said...

Israel had every opportunity to follow God and receive His blessings. But, they were not willing to give up the lust of the flesh.

God would have us do our duty to him, that we may be qualified to receive favour from him. He delights in our serving him, not because he is the better for it, but because we shall be.

Makes you wonder how many blessings we have missed out on by our own disobedience!

Tim Brown said...

This is something I deal with a lot, myself. How much do I talk about obedience yet don't *do* what I know to do.

So often the desire is there but not the act of, as Spurgeon said, grabbing yourself by the neck and *doing* what you know to do.

What we often do is fool ourselves by thinking that if we talk about doing something, that is as good as doing it. And, again, I'm guilty of this too.

Thanks for this post. I wasn't even aware of that verse. It seems to be well related to Matthew 7:21ff.