Monday, August 18, 2008

Boycotting Mickey D's

Since I slapped the ex-Burger King employee around a bit last week, I am going to slap McDonalds around a bit today in a gesture of fairness.

By now, quite a few of you have heard about the American Family Association's boycott of McDonalds for its open advocacy of homosexual issues. You can find out more here. Still more probably have not heard of the boycott. I have been skeptical about the overall effectiveness of boycotts, but they have been known to have an impact from time to time. This is one that I can support wholeheartedly. Why?

This is not about non-discrimination. This has nothing to do with not serving or not hiring gays. This is about support and advocacy of the lifestyle, including giving money to gay rights groups. McDonalds has crossed the line in my judgment. Therefore, I for one am not buying from them until they reverse course.

I can make a better hamburger anyway.


Gilbert said...
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Gilbert said...

I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to visit a restaurant that has a clown that serves up bombs with lit fuses.

I'm guessing Ray Kroc probably wouldn't be happy with maanagement's bad decisions to support the gay lifestyle. I know I'm noit, and wondering now what to do with the gift card I got over Christmas...

Solameanie said...

I am not sure, Gilbert. Ray Kroc did donate to the Democratic Party if I am not mistaken. However, if he were alive today, I am not sure whether he'd want his restaurant chain to take an advocacy position on such a controversial issue. After all, McDonalds greatest appeal is to kids, and the last ones they'd want to offend would be parents.

Or so you'd think.