Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Nod to Days Gone By

I know there are lots of serious things going on in the world that demand my incisive analysis, but I am so swamped this week that Okefenokee looks like a swimming pool. So, until I can really concentrate on a good post, here's a trip down memory lane for those of you who live/lived in northern Illinois.

Stopping at the Prince Castle was a must after church on Sundays. Their wonderful hamburgers, fries, shakes and square ice cream cones (with chocolate chip mint ice cream) are legendary for people my age and older. Their headquarters was in my home town, and they lasted up until the early 1980s, when owner Earl Prince decided to shut the chain down. A sad day in the Land of Lincoln.

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Anonymous said...

What's left nowadays? Baskin-Robbins is on every corner and I hate Baskin-Robbins. Ever since I was a kid I always thought most of their ice cream was incredibly bland.