Friday, September 05, 2008

David Limbaugh Hits One Out of the Park!

In his column today, David Limbaugh vividly shows the hypocrisy of the angry left when it comes to Alaska Governor and GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

In fact, I'd say he really rubs their noses in it.

You go, David!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

Thanks for linking to it.

saunch said...

Hey Joel

I concur with Stan. Good article and thanks for posting it. Seems that the liberals are really scared, doesn't it? I watched some of MSNBC and CNN during the Palin and McCain speeches and their analyses afterwards. It was nauseating. Like you intimated in an earlier post this week, true journalism is DEAD. The only one I can stomach on CNN is Glen Beck and he doesn't even consider himself a journalist, just a commentator, a thinker. FOX is the best, but as you've said, even they are poor at times. Instead of true news people, all we have left are people on TV who are trying to push their life philosophy on us and don't care what they have to do to accomplish it.

Solameanie said...

Amen, Stan and Saunch.

David is a cool guy. I've had him on my radio program a few times, and he has a really strong Christian testimony.

I love what his brother, Rush, calls MSNBC. He says "PMS-NBC." That pretty accurately describes them.

Solameanie said...

BTW, Stan..I've been meaning to ask you. What is that curious head-dress you have on? I tried to look more closely at the photo, but it's so tiny it's hard to make out.

I thought of making a new profile photo of me with my Rickenbacker bass, but it probably would be too hard to see.

Anonymous said...

The curious head-dress is a dreadlock looking hoodie type of hat that I wear for Auburn football games. There are Orange and Blue (Auburn's colors) dreads along with some white dreads to make my game day hat complete.

The picture was taken on an older camera phone so there isn't much to play with.

Solameanie said...


LOL! That's great!

Up north of me, we have the "Cheeseheads," which I think are Green Bay fans. They've actually got hats shaped like big pieces of cheese.

My high school team name was "The Golden Warriors." The colors were blue and gold. Unfortunately, I have a hunch political correctness will force them to drop the Indian connection in time.

Don't get me started on that one.

saunch said...

God is good! Another Auburn fan! I love all the SEC but since we used to live in Alabama, I'm real partial to both Alabama AND Auburn. Yes, I know that's an abomination, but it's true.

Anonymous said...

War Eagle!

Don't feel bad about supporting both Auburn and Alabama. Scripture does tell us to love our enemies. ;)

And besides, at least they're in the SEC!

Anonymous said...

Cheeseheads are great!

Who came up with that?!