Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Engineered Economic Crisis

I don't always agree with WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah, but I do agree with his assessment here. I know my amillennial friends will beg to differ, but that's okay.

In my humble opinion, this current economic contretemps is an engineered crisis for the purpose of gaining global economic control. That's the worst case scenario. In the best case, those who have the globalist agenda are very astute at taking advantage of genuine crises to advance their agendas. Look no further than David Rockefeller and his ilk to see what I mean.

If you look back at the 1929 stock market crash, many were ruined, but a few actually made money. Some even knew it was coming and reportedly bragged about their role in it. One result of the Great Depression was that the seeds of state socialism were planted in America. The U.S. government under FDR grabbed more and more control to supposedly get us out of the Depression. Some measures were supposed to be temporary. How many times does government get power and voluntarily gives it back?

Today, our lawmakers are being told in doomsday terms that unless they do as they're told, economic Armageddon will be nigh. I call it blackmail.

This won't be the first crisis, and it won't be the last. One thing is certain, though. Unless there is a miracle of major proportions, you can count on seeing your freedom -- economic and personal -- dwindle ever more as time marches on.


lee n. field said...

"A-mils would be inclined to disagree". Those I read are not rosily optimistic about how "this age" proceeds and ends.

Conspiracies, yeah, surely could be. Human conspiracies are quite real, and the adversary himself is, while created and limited, a very old mind.

And, you know, if the time comes, they wouldn't need implanted chips, or literal marks. "The System" will recognize you by your face and your gait, if nothing else. China is already gearing up ubiquitous surveillance in some of it's cities and there's talk of using traffic cams here in the Land 'o the Sort'a Free to keep an eye on us.

BTW, don't know if you'd agree, but IMHO WND has been pushing some religious notions lately that're (charitably) dubious. A few months ago someone was advocating old covenant sabbatarianism. Then the SDA lady with the solar/lunar calendar thing. Jesus comes back on some OT festival, RSN. Any thoughts on that?

Claudia Riley said...

Yes, and the threat of Terrorism was used to implement the "Patriot Act", so-called, overturning our protection from unwarranted search, seizure, knocking about, and tazoring. The police in some communities are taking full advantage of this new "freedom" they have. One such incident was witnessed by my husband recently while visiting a relative in Phoenix.