Friday, September 19, 2008

Entertainment Liberals. Why?

I've asked this before, but I'll ask it again. I have yet to hear a really good answer.

Why is it that most people in the entertainment industry -- be it music, stage or screen -- are liberal? Oh, there are conservatives here and there, but most of those aren't very vocal and probably don't dare to be. Otherwise, they'd be blacklisted.

Can't any of them think outside the box and dare go against the template?

I'd feel sorry for any up and coming young music band. The first hit single they had, they'd get all sorts of pressure to show up at the latest far-left cause/event. They'd be pushed to hand out condoms at their concerts, and to sign their name on the dotted line for whatever liberal candidate happened to be running. Most probably wouldn't even need the pressure. Like I said, they're in mind-numbed lockstep.

I'd like to hear a decent explanation.


saunch said...


I have a theory. It's not absolute because we can all find exceptions. But...I think entertainers tend to be liberal because they are feeling-oriented rather than logic or thinking-oriented. Look at even Christian recording artists. Most are big on feeling but weak on doctrine or theology or knowledge of the Word. Liberals tend to be impulsive and would rather do something, even if it's the wrong thing, just so they can feel better about themselves and say that at least they've done something. Even if it makes the problem worse. Entertainers use their feelings to get into their acting, music, etc. They don't (generally) spend a lot of time doing deep intellectual thinking; they just don't use that part of their brain as much. I realize this explanation is somewhat simplistic and probably offensive to any liberals out there, but it seems to make sense to me.

Randy said...


I'm so in agreement with "saunch" who wrote above. Right on target.

Another thing that troubles me is this: Just because a small group of Hollywood people control the media, it gives the impression on TV that "all" of America thinks this way. Wrong! If a "true" poll was taken about morals and lifstyle from the normal midwesteners and not someone on Rodeo Drive, the results would be diametrically opposed to what the media is portraying.


Cindy Swanson said...

Joel, I saw a snippet about this very thing in passing the other night on the Glen Beck show. Michael Medved was one of the guests...and they were talking about the upcoming movie "An American Carol," which apparently lampoons liberalism. Jon Voigt has been almost blacklisted for starring in it, apparently.

Solameanie said...



I remember getting into a heated argument on one of the IMDB message boards over "blacklisting." The left thinks they own the term due to the House Un-American Activities committee investigations in the 1940s and 50s, and bridle with vigor should any conservative either question that orthodoxy, or to claim blacklisting over conservative views.

I need to read Ann Coulter's recent book on this subject.

Jack said...

Actors deal exclusively with fiction. They're all professional story-tellers, basically. Utopian social theories are also based on fictions, which it then tries to bend into reality by use of education, laws, and the police force.

You'll find very few actors with work backgrounds in small business, law enforcement, engineering, or any of the hard sciences; or who have fought for the U.S. in a war. I think you find that the few conservative or semi-conservative actors had rough times in their lives where they worked tough jobs and had to scramble to put food on the table. A surprising example of that was Steve McQueen, whom I wouldn't have thought of as a conservative (considering what a rebel he was most of his life), but was.

I think the WW II era actors who fought the Nazis also had a different outlook on life because of having done this. If actors were forced to run a Dairy Queen for six months, or do a tour of duty, I believe it would radically change their attitudes.

Solameanie said...


Incisive comments. Thanks for contributing.

I have indeed noticed a difference with World War II-era actors, with a few exceptions out there. Of course, there were always liberals out there, but conservative actors were much more out front than they are now. The studio bosses at the time tended to be Republican also.