Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Phil Johnson on India's Christian Martyrs

Today's post by Phil Johnson over at TeamPyro is highly recommended. He is reporting on the horrible situation existing today in India, where Hindu radicals are killing and oppressing Christians with ever-increasing hatred.

So far, I have seen little news media coverage of this, which surprises me until I think about it a while. To the media and political elite of today, Christians are expendable.

Please be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in India.


Ron said...

Could the media's silence be because giving air time (or print time for that matter) would only bring about many questions they'd rather not have addressed, such as "those Christians knew it was dangerous, but..." And if those questions were to arise they might give rise to answers they would prefer not acknowledged. The anti-Christian media surely would not want to have anyone explain why Christian missionaries do what they do, especially in the face of danger.

Solameanie said...

Interesting to contemplate. I think part of it is that it doesn't fit the liberal template. Other groups can be oppressed and victimized, especially homosexuals. But Christians being burned alive in cars? Not worth their esteemed attention.

crownring said...

I just saw a report on Christians in Iran. Apparently the house church movement in Iran has grown to the point Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is attempting a crack down. However persecution is only serving to spread the Good News even further. God is moving in the Middle East and in Asia. Let us pray as never before for our brothers and sisters in Christ and those who will be because of the blood of the martyrs.