Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin and Young Evangelicals

I want you to read this linked story about young evangelicals and their attitudes toward Governor Sarah Palin, the GOP vice presidential nominee. Read it carefully and ponder between the lines.

I'll have more to say on this later.


lee n. field said...

Interesting who they picked to talk to.

Phil Perkins said...

The fact that some churchies would even consider voting for the party that advocates the murder of babies is evidence that they are no followers of Christ, is it not?

Phil Perkins said...

Why do we still refer to those who are so sin-encrusted that they would even consider voting for a man who sanctions the killing of babies as Christians? Or Evangelicals?

Or why do we grant to their groups the status that comes with being called part of the church? Isn't this idea that such folks are Christians unbiblical and downright deceptive to everyone? Real Christians are being taught that such behavior is acceptable. Unbelievers are being taught by example that Christianity has little to do with repentance and righteousness. And those who believe they are saints are not being warned.

Are we not sinning when we fail to draw sharp lines so people know?

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.

Solameanie said...

I think the term "evangelical" has largely lost its meaning, unfortunately. All in the name of "dialogue."

If you study the Marx/Hegel dialectic, "dialogue" is never ending and part of their overall design to gradually move society where they want it to go. I am afraid we've let the dialectic get rooted into the church.

Phil Perkins said...

Satan started that process in the Garden, didn't he?