Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sexperts Don't Get It!

Sometimes so-called "experts" make comments so breathtaking they have to be pondered for a while to be believed. Note the excerpt below taken from a news story about kids making sexual purity pledges. Most recently, the Jonas Brothers were on the receiving end of sneers at the Mtv Awards show because they've publicly pledged to behave themselves until marriage. The "expert" here is guilty of damning by faint praise.

. . . [experts] laud the principle but say the problems arise when young Americans grow up, and are often ignorant of how to manage contraception and sexual health when they do decide to have sex.

"It is probably a nice thing that we have celebrities who are trying to be role models and model healthy behaviors," said Michael Reece, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University.

"But these abstinence pledges leave people completely unprepared, once they make the decision to become sexually active, and what happens is that we have a society that is sexually illiterate," Reece told Reuters.

Pledging abstinence leaves people unprepared? So the only way to prepare is by not being abstinent, or not pledging it? And behaving yourself will result in sexual illiteracy?

Interesting. Tell that to our Creator.

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Phil Perkins said...

You know, one wonders just how all of us got here since previous generations weren't sluts before marriage. Thus they were sexually illiterate, right? So, how did I get here?

Perhaps the experts think the stork brought me.

Must have been a big stork.

Phil Perkins.