Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taking the Cap off the Mtv Septic Tank

In case my previous post didn't draw enough ire for Mtv and their typical offensive, tasteless, truculent tripe, I've got an update for you.

In this article, it is reported that Mtv edited out the worst parts of British "comedian" Russell Brand's attacks on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. He wanted to tell a joke about Palin putting her teenage daughter in the electric chair for being a s**t, but got vetoed. Forgive me for not being overly appreciative, because it's obvious that neither Brand or Mtv is repentant for the offensive routine on the awards show. In fact, they've invited Brand back for next year because he helped drive their ratings up.

Speaking of electric chairs, here's one of the Illinois models:

Strap yourself in, Russell. Ride the lightning in high style.

Hey, it's only a joke.


Gilbert said...

And they have *3* "music" channels, none of which show music on a continual basis.

Do yourself a favor, America: Get yourself a digital or high-def TV, hook it up to an attic or preferably roof antenna, and then tell Comcast or Time Warner or Cablevision or Charter or Bright House or Mediacomm or Cox to stuff it (unless your reception is shadowed by hills/mountains, then just get the lifeline package).
5 years ago, I cut the pay TV monkey off my shoulder. I do miss sports, but I'll go to a restaurant/bar to watch, or somewhere else when time permits.

I might get a satellite service someday, but I hate to think I'm supporting Viacom and their largely evil programs.

A little blunt, no? :-)

Solameanie said...

Amen. I'd love to do so, but because of what I do I have to keep plugged in. I wish they had more of a "cafeteria" style plan where I could excise out most of what I don't watch.