Friday, October 17, 2008

David Limbaugh Says the "S" Word

Kudos to David Limbaugh, who penned this column today on the subject of Barack Obama's socialism and its implications for the country.

I don't know why only a select few have been willing to openly say socialism in connection with Obama. I'd go even further and say "Marxism." Yeah, I know. The media and Obama would try to conjure up images of McCarthyism and the so-called "witchhunts" of the 1950s. Unfortunately, history has shown that many of the witchhunts found some real witches with red underwear. Also, Obama's Marxist sympathies and influences are open and abundant. Only in today's Alice in Wonderland media can people so easily deny the obvious even when the obvious is blazing forth with arc light and neon.

Anyway, good on you today, David!

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Stan McCullars said...

I believe Marxism is the correct term to use in describing Obama.