Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Final Question

. . . you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient (Daniel 5:27).

I've been watching a lot of politics lately, as most of us have. Aside to those stories, I keep hearing a litany of ugly news. Courts upholding homosexual marriage. Government bailouts. Voter fraud. The beat goes on.

I guess I have to ask America some serious questions.

Do you really want socialism?

Do you really want a Marxist elected president?

Do you want an overwhelming majority of Marxist socialists in charge of Congress (including the Senate)?

Do you really want homosexuality recognized as a civil right?

Do you really want the government deciding how you raise your children, what health care you're allowed to have, what you can and can't say politically, what you can eat and every other potential nanny state idea out there? I could go on with this, but you get the idea.

I wish I could just blame Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Barney Sodomite (I mean Frank), Chris Dodd and the rest. But limp-wristed Republicans are just as much to blame. Republicans are supposed to be the free market, individual liberty, traditional morals party. Republicans are supposed to be against global government and in favor of national sovereignty. But here we have Republicans and supposed conservatives in favor of nationalizing industry, our financial system and the economy. Everyone seems to want the New World Order these days.

Folks, better wake up. You're about to lose your country.


Stan McCullars said...

Good post. Good in the sense that it is true of course. Not good in what it says about our country.

We're getting what we want. We (collectively, not individually) want someone to take care of us from the cradle to the grave.

We're going downhill fast I'm afraid.

I'm going to increase my personal armory in the next couple of weeks as this could be my last chance.

Strong Tower said...

Follow the money. I wish it weren't true but it is. And you know Sola if you look around the church you will find that earthly security is foremost in the minds of believers. This takes the form of a "Christian America". Take a look at the bangles and bobbles, the mass of accumulation that the
Christian community boasts of as if that were the point of their faith. They need to look at Solomon. What a vast store of riches he was given. He even built a Temple out of his pocket change. One might say he built the world's first megachurch. He said that money is the answer to everything. I think he was being sarcastic and cynical, but man kind looks to these things and Solomon questioned the priorities of man. When the poor seek the riches of the rich in what way do they differ? They both go down to the grave, then who gets what they had gathered?

To much emphasis is placed upon the government, or our accumulations, our neighbor, friends, family or even the church to provide for us the securities of life. We have, as the church, as the country, abandoned the source of our providence and embraced the providence. For all our righteousness we look in every way like the world around us and fear for the same future that they fear. Solomon said it all remains the same, there is nothing new. And Paul spoke to the issue as having hope in this world alone and the misery of that bondage.

Your observations are correct. What people want is peace, and a peace that the world offers. They do, Sola, want a One World. Wouldn't that ease everyones apprehensions? The threat of loss brings out of us the covetousness that we all know lurks in the darkness of our souls. We want but do not receive because what we want we want for the purpose of self-preservation. No matter how much we progress along the road of understanding, when we reach the pinnacle of Solomon's wisdom, which way will we turn? Having riches, will we like he marry foreign wives and follow the ways of their gods. I would say that that point was passed a while back and we have erected our Asherah pole to replace the symbol of suffering, and worship the works of our hands. The strange thing is that the new Asherah pole looks just like the Cross of Christ.

Most people are asleep to the reality around them. Yet, they think they know what they want, and what they want is to be secure in this life. And I will finally propose that the great delusion is that men by their efforts can save the planet and proclaim peace. What need do they have of suffering with Christ when they can glorify themselves? Could it be that believing the lie has already taken place and that is why you see the Republicans offering the same utopia that Democrats do and that no one realizes it. And though the approach is different, the goal has the same result. Yes, everyone wants the NWO, but really what they want is just order, free of the apprehension of what tomorrow will bring, so they sleep on. Interestingly, the scientific order of society is exactly what Nazi Germany claimed they had perfected. They prided themselves in thinking that all answers could be met by the collective will of the masses overseen by an elite. Where are we today? I suggest we are in Nuremburg, Berlin, Tubingen. Have we progressed? Not one iota.

I have posted a collection of videos over at

The facts are available. Why do so few care? I have been trying to shake people awake. Even my own family, cannot see what is happening. They do not remember, because they have never known. Remember, "Never again!" Well it is happening again. And unfortunately the night of the luxurious day is about to fall. We have had it so good and selling all we have is so hard. Wisdom is ours, riches are ours, we have our Temple and we have our idols and we think that God is blind and does not hear, nor really care.

The only hope is that cleansing will come to the church. But most Christians do not want that. We all know what that entails and it is not a pretty picture. We also know, that God does nothing except first he tells his prophets. So keep telling everyone Sola to wake up, so that the delusion will not overtake his bride. Sound the trumpet. And take this lesson away: Even though the storms abated on the sea at the Lord's command he also spoke to his disciples to prepare for the storms that were coming and to know that they are only harbingers of worse things to come. Solomon was right, all things remain the same as they were in the beginning, nothing on earth changes. Those who think that it will continue to be alright and that we can get through this storm unscathed simply deny what history and Scripture teach.

I would love for this country to continue. But I hear people speaking of its demise, of its division, in ways that make me shake because they speak of it as an inevitability. And, as above, even if things do settle down, this country will not continue forever, and we as the church must get ready for that day.

Solameanie said...

I think everyone would do well to re-read Ecclesiastes. Also the Scripture that says "judgment begins with the house of God."

Stan McCullars said...

But the church in America is so, ahem, healthy.

Randy said...
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Randy said...

All of your questions could just be answered, sadly, yes! I guess America just wants to roll over.

It's sad but today I was talking to my brother about moving out of this country. For real. I have the method and means to do so.

What's sad is that I love what America was supposed to be about. Read "Original Intent." It talks about what the framers were really thinking when they wrote that wonderful document. We've strayed from those original ideas.

I finished a DVD on "The Engineering of Rome." I keep repeating this: Rome fell from the inside, so will we. We are fighting a war across the ocean, but ultimately, the trojan horse is here and it will soon be opened.